Mobile Solutions - Feature

Optimizing your business from your hand. Creating mobile solutions for your business needs, equipped with the latest technology. It is suitable solutions to integrate your applications into the mobile technology.

Running on Android & IOS

The two mobile OS, the majority of smartphone users in the world, can run Enerren Technologies applications. This will make you easier to use it without having to adjust the type of smartphone.

Google Maps Ready

Google Maps is very informative and rich feature Map API. Google Maps has become an integral part of Enerren Technologies applications.

Total Control on your hand

We understand your mobility and busy life. We offer you a solution that can easily use anytime and anywhere in your hand.

Integrated Real Time data

The VTS server provides accurate real-time reports. This is a commitment that we provide in our Mobile Apps.

Friendly UI/UX

The Enerren Technologies application can be used by all groups by paying attention to friendly UI/UX to avoid Digital Divide.

Custom Data

Even though our product is SaaS (Software as a Service), we really understand that every company organization has different business processes and we can provide solutions to your problems.

POD Ready

The advantage of using the Enerren Technologies mobile application is delivery’s validation to the destination location with proof of receipt in the form of a photo and signature of the recipient to ensure your shipment reaches the right recipient.