Application Development - Feature

We develop specific software according to the clients’ needs. We employ the most recent technologies to provide the best and perfect solutions.

Mobile Solution - Feature

Optimizing your business from your hand. Creating mobile solutions for your business needs, equipped with the latest technology. It is a suitable solution to integrate your applications into mobile technology.


InovaTrack is our leading brand for Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) Tracking System. Using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, hardware, and software engineering, this system allows you to monitor your vehicle or other asset locations in real-time. You will be able to see the location, direction, speed, and route taken by you only through the map on the screen of your computer, smartphone, or tablet, anywhere, and anytime.



Application Development & Mobile Solution

Custom Development

We understand that each of your business needs are different. Therefore, we provide the best solution according to your needs.

Milestone Delivery

You don’t need to worry about the asset track record. We provide complete traceability service for each of your valuable assets.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

The items that you manage are valuable assets. We will provide reliable control for your inventory.

Breeding Transport System

Monitoring your livestock business can be more optimal through a combination of software and hardware that we have developed.

Logistics Solution

Optimize your logistics assets to get maximum benefits through the logistics solution services that we provide.

Fatigue Detection

Through good work and rest schedule management technology, you can prevent things that are detrimental to your business through Fatigue Detection.

Integration data

For ease of data integration, our application can be connected to the operational system in each of your business. We can provide maximum additional features.

People transport

You can monitor every moving fleet through a reliable application. We provide application services that are integrated with every feature of your business.

Vessel Transport

Through an application service with a satellite network that is integrated with your business control board, you can monitor and manage your vessel.

GPS Position API Integration

We provide services that are integrated with the GPS tracking system so that it provides compatible real time data accuracy.

Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) Mobile

Enjoy the ease of controlling your vehicle with VTS mobile.


Solutions for transporting your goods at any time that we can provide through mobile solutions services.

Transportation Management System (TMS) Mobile

Optimize each of your business assets for maximum results.

Mobile Barcode Scanner

The ease of sending and receiving goods includes good traceability.