October 15, 2021

GPS Tracker Helps Mining Companies Rise Amid Pandemic

Jakarta – At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, some industries suddenly lethargic and decreased due to sudden restrictions on activities. One of the industries is mining companies. However, some mining companies in Indonesia began to bounce back after using GPS trackers.

Several mining companies in Indonesia experienced a decrease in profit in the second quarter due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Various problems such as the cessation of smelter construction are inevitable. Then, GPS tracker began to be used in several mining companies so that the company’s operational activities continued to run.

Initially, the dismissal of one of the mining company’s smelters due to the distribution of difficult tools and financing institutions did not disburse funding. Then, the reason for labor is also a factor in the construction of smelters stopped.

This makes the company have to find solutions to overcome the various impacts of Covid-19 on the company, one of which is by using a GPS tracker on vehicles.

InovaTrack as a GPS tracker is here to overcome all the problems that befell mining companies in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. GPS tracker from InovaTrack can be installed by the company’s vehicle that will distribute equipment.

InovaTrack users can monitor vehicles only from behind smartphones, tablets or computers. This makes it possible to check every vehicle that is distributing equipment in real-time.

The location of the mining company’s smelter that is difficult to access is one of the reasons why the construction of the smelter becomes uneventful. However, the existence of a GPS tracker installed, the distribution of mining equipment becomes more effective and regular so that the construction of the smelter can be quickly completed from the target time that has been determined when Covid-19.

In addition to the hampering of smelter development, Covid-19 also has an impact on the company’s operational activities. The impact is such as a reduction in activity and a reduction in working hours that result in a decrease in the company’s profit. This can fortunately be solved with the use of a GPS tracker.

InovaTrack can help mining companies increase work productivity and lower operating costs because everything has been recorded by GPS tracker. In addition, increasing the production of mining goods can also be done because GPS trackers make the company’s performance more efficient in the midst of a pandemic.

Mining companies do not need to worry anymore because the GPS tracker feature InovaTrack can monitor the mining areas according to the location of the project being worked on.