October 14, 2021

Covid-19 Still Ongoing, Logistics Companies Take Advantage of GPS Tracker for Smooth Operations

Jakarta – The covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia has entered its second year which has an impact on several business sectors, one of which is logistics companies. During the pandemic, logistics company operations were greatly helped by the use of GPS trackers on assets.

Initially, logistics companies in Indonesia had plummeted by 70 percent in the early days of the pandemic due to a total lockdown. This has left some business sectors out of the way and the impact on logistics companies that rely on economic reactivation. The problem makes logistics businesses look for solutions using GPS trackers.

InovaTrack as a vehicle tracker provider based on global positioning system seeks to help logistics businesses keep running in the midst of a pandemic.

GPS tracker is certainly very useful on smooth delivery that is always done by logistics companies. In the midst of this pandemic, GPS tracker becomes a solution so that the distribution of goods becomes smooth and timely.

Initially, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused several problems for logistics companies, including the inhibition of long-distance delivery, either air or land. Then, there was a decrease in growth in dining and drinking accommodation due to social distancing.

This certainly makes logistics companies shake and is expected to only be able to survive in a few months. However, the increasing behavior of people in buying all needs online, then logistics companies began to bounce back.

The high demand for each item makes logistics business people twist their brains so that the company can rise again. One of them is to utilize GPS tracker technology that can be installed in logistics trucks so that distribution is smoother.

InovaTrack’s GPS tracker attached to logistics trucks can record any vehicle activity and users can view it from behind a smartphone, tab, or computer.

In addition, one of the considerations of consumers in choosing a logistics service provider is the speed in the delivery of goods. InovaTrack is certainly a solution for timely delivery because of its features that can provide an estimate of the time of arrival.

InovaTrack will make logistics trucks more productive because it can increase the scale of the business. Logistics company operating costs will also decrease because machine activity can be tracked in real-time. One of them if there is damage, then the driver can immediately report it so that it can be handled immediately.