October 13, 2021

Telematics to Help Logistics Companies

Technology that is growing and providing many benefits will certainly be very used by many business sectors. One of them is a logistics company that offers shipping, inventory, warehousing, and transportation services. Therefore, telematic systems began to be used in logistics vehicles.

Automotive telematics is a combination of telecommunications and vehicle information. This is what supports the growth of vehicle technology that affects the automotive industry. It can also be ascertained that telematics can have a positive impact and benefits for the companies that use it.

Telematics comes as a solution for logistics companies so that the company’s operations can work optimally, effectively, and effectively, especially in logistics vehicles. Here are 4 benefits of telematics in logistics vehicles.

1. Monitor Productivity

The most important and needed thing when the load is being carried is to look at the productivity of the vehicle. Moreover, what is pegged is not just one vehicle, but dozens because logistics vehicles always run every day, Monitor.

The movement and location of logistics vehicles becomes one of the mandatory things because it can increase the turnover of logistics business.

The increasing demand for logistics services every year makes logistics companies look for ways that performance can be maximized. One solution is to use telematics in vehicles.

The use of telematics will certainly resolve the obstacles that always occur in logistics companies. Telematics also helps effective communication between drivers, operators, and users.

2. Support Cost Efficiency

The benefit of utilizing advanced features of telematics is that it can streamline the company’s operating costs. One of them can reduce fuel consumption.

Usually, fuel becomes wasteful because of the aggressive behavior of the driver while driving and the idling state that is always left alone. However, in the presence of a telematics system, fuel consumption can be well monitored and users can see the average fuel consumption according to mileage. Therefore, telematic systems can reduce operational costs.

3. Minimize the occurrence of damage

The existence of telematics will prevent severe damage because its features can process maintenance schedules for commercial vehicle maintenance. Reports on the health and use of the vehicle can be reviewed by the user for evaluation materials.

The maintenance schedule processed by the telematics system is made based on the time of use of the vehicle, the mileage that has been passed. Then, the date of treatment has also been determined according to the distance from the previous treatment date. Therefore, commercial vehicles will still be able to always be used in good condition so that business turnover is maximized.

4. Implement Driver Safety

Systems that have been implemented in the vehicle can detect if the driver of the logistics vehicle commits a violation. An example of a violation commonly committed by a driver before there is a telematic is an aggressive driving style.

This style of driving will certainly be very risky for the safety of the driver and the load carried. In addition, the advanced features of telematics can also remind the driver to rest if the driving time is long enough. In the event of a violation, the telematics can record it and notify the user. Then, telematic system users can also set maximum and minimum speed limits allowed, and will get a driver performance report for evaluation materials.