October 13, 2021

Optimize Telematics Systems in Mining Companies

Telematic system on the vehicle identifies with the name of vehicle telematics or vehicle telematics. Telematic utilization can be obtained through telematic devices such as GPS trackers or vehicle trackers. Telematic systems that are felt to provide benefits provide improvements in large companies such as mining companies to use telematics systems on GPS trackers.

Mining companies that continue to operate in the midst of pandemics certainly need solutions so that vehicle performance is more maximal. Here are some of the benefits that mining companies will get if using telematics systems on vehicles. 

1. Monitor Drivers and Vehicles Efficiently

The number of fleets and heavy equipment used in one project is not small. Especially if there are several projects that take place and require the maximum performance of the company’s fleet and heavy equipment. This requires the fleet manager to optimize his management. Telematic systems can be the solution. The fleet manager can find out the driver of each fleet and monitor it from the app. The activities of each fleet and heavy equipment can be accurately monitored.

All driver behavior such as leaving the engine on without use, using maximum speed, until the duration of productive use of the fleet and heavy equipment can be monitored.

2. Monitor Vehicle Ritase

Ritase is the number of rhythms or back and forth trips carried out by vehicles in one track. Telematic systems can improve the operational efficiency of the fleet because the fleet manager can make the limitations of the area that the vehicle passes in the rit so that its activities are monitored accurately. In addition, managers can also find out the mileage information that has been passed by each fleet.

3. Supervise the Distribution of Mining Products

The movement of mining products and distribution must certainly be monitored to avoid theft and smuggling. This is also done so that the results of the mine brought to the destination remain safe. Telematics system also has features that make it easier for fleet managers to manage vehicle travel routes. If the route is fixed and is on track, then the fleet manager can make route planning so that operational travel time and distance can be more efficient. Then, if there are violations such as route irregularities and vehicle delays, then the fleet manager will get the report.

In order to benefit more from the use of telematics systems, InovaTrack is the solution. InovaTrack telematics system with various advanced features can help the mining company’s fleet to make its performance more optimal and productive because InovaTrack is not just a regular GPS tracker.

InovaTrack is perfect for the mining company’s fleet. Therefore, immediately visit the official inovatrack page to get the best experience from the use of telematics systems.