October 12, 2021

What are the Must-Have GPS Tracker Features?

The development of the digital era has made major changes to people’s consumption patterns. Especially, in meeting the needs of an increasingly changing society. This makes business owner have to find a solution so that their business gets smoother and consumers feel satisfied. Therefore, GPS Tracker has become a necessity that is widely used by many companies.

Business owner can adjust business needs with a GPS Tracker that will be used later. Because GPS Tracker provides a variety of features. Here are some important and must have GPS Tracker features.

1. Real-Time Location Tracking

GPS Tracker can be used in various assets and one of its main functions is to view the asset position in real-time. The use of a GPS Tracker can also minimize the occurrence of travel path deviations that usually occur if the asset is being used by someone else or rented out. Users can see locations such as vehicle movements on the road and these movements can be recorded by GPS Tracker if in the future the user wants to review or view the history of the trip.

2. Fuel Monitoring

Fuel is important because the more fuel used, the more costs will be incurred. Of course, business people want fuel consumption to be economical. This can be overcome by using the GPS Tracker feature where users can know for sure fuel consumption based on the distance and duration of the trip. If the fuel consumption becomes wasteful and there is a point where the fuel suddenly drops suddenly, then it can be known directly.

3. Driver Behaviour Monitoring

On the way, business people certainly want the goods in the vehicle to be delivered and arrived in good condition as they were sent. The GPS Tracker feature can monitor driver behaviour while on the road. This feature can provide reports on aggressive driving behaviour parameters such as speeding, braking suddenly, stepping on the gas roughly, cornering sharply and so on. This feature can minimize the risk of accidents to assets and drivers while traveling. Of course, this is also very helpful for users to prevent losses.

4. Vehicle Maintenance Schedule Reminder

Vehicle maintenance is very important according to the period of use. Therefore, the manager feature or vehicle maintenance schedule reminder is very important because it can support the smooth running of the business. The vehicle maintenance schedule is assisted by this feature based on the date, distance, and vehicle operating time. This is very helpful for business people who have large and large fleets because it can save time. So, those are some of the important features that must be in the GPS Tracker system. Still looking for a GPS Tracker that has the above important features optimally? InovaTrack is the solution. Moreover, InovaTrack has many advantages that can provide benefits for many companies. Come on, immediately visit the InovaTrack page to find out other features that can benefit your business!