October 12, 2021

Monitoring a Company’s Fleet in the Midst of a Pandemic by Utilizing a GPS Tracker

Jakarta – The enactment of restrictions on social activities in Indonesia, making some companies have to limit the number of workers who leave for the office and the rest work from home. One of them is by limiting vehicles that travel in service. However, because the work must still run, there are several fleets of companies that must still run and monitoring solutions using GPS trackers.

InovaTrack as a provider of vehicle GPS trackers that use IoT-based telematics (Internet of Things) systems can be a solution for companies to control their fleets.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, of course, the company needs to manage the fleet of companies that are still making visits and office vehicles that are below by employees. In order for the effectiveness of the fleet to be monitored accurately, the GPS tracker comes with advanced features.

The GPS tracker feature can control the company’s fleet management that is being done for service travel. One of them is by monitoring the location of the fleet and monitoring the company’s driver. This needs to be done in order to prevent the abuses committed by the driver.

In the event of a violation committed by the driver, the operator will send a warning notification to the company’s fleet manager in order to take direct action.

In addition, the company’s fleet driver is also facilitated with a GPS tracker because it can perform presence directly from the vehicle using the Driver ID Tag. So the driver does not need to bother filling the presence manually by coming to the office.

Then, the time and duration of the driver’s rest can be managed by a GPS tracker, so that later there will be a warning for the driver to rest.

InovaTrack’s GPS tracker can also control vehicle efficiency on the go with some of its advanced features such as fuel features to monitor fuel volume in the tank. This feature is needed so that the company’s fleet manager knows the average fuel consumption spent on one service visit.

The Covid-19 pandemic also had some impact on the company’s rarely used vehicles, such as damage to some components because they were never heated. This is certainly very troublesome and the company has to spend repair costs that are not small. InovaTrack as Indonesia’s leading vehicle GPS tracker can assist the company’s fleet drivers in managing vehicle maintenance schedules on a regular basis during pandemics. The driver does not need to bother reporting to perform maintenance to the office because the maintenance schedule notification will be sent via SMS.