August 4, 2021

Types of Forklifts with Advantages

Neither large nor small industries are certainly familiar with any kind of warehousing equipment. People do not need to lift heavy goods with power because technology is sophisticated to facilitate the transfer of goods, namely with forklifts. Forklift machines certainly have an edge in helping many companies.

Forklift is a tool that serves as a support for lifting and unloading goods. It is very efficient in grinding and arranging items on high shelves easily. However, forklifts can only move within a certain short distance and height. Therefore, there are types of forklifts that can be used as needed.

Here, there are several types of forklifts and their advantages used by many companies in helping the maintenance of goods in the warehouse.

1. Forklift Diesel

This forklift is most widely used in factories and warehouses due to its cheap tool rental and easy maintenance. This forklift capability includes being able to lift weights up to a maximum of 10 tons up to a height of 6 meters.

Unfortunately, diesel forklifts are not recommended for indoor use as the diesel fuel used can emit harmful gas emissions. The impact if the gas emissions are inhaled too much will cause shortness of breath.

It can be said that this forklift has more performance than other types of forklifts and is suitable for outdoor use.

2. Electric Forklift

Electricity is the power of this forklift. This type of forklift can be used indoors because it uses batteries and can be recharged. In addition, this forklift is environmentally friendly and can be used in pharmaceutical industries because it does not emit harmful fumes that have an impact on health.

The capacity of this forklift can move goods with a maximum load of 5 tons and raise the goods up to a height of 6 meters. This tool is very efficient and often summed up in ports, warehouses, and factories because it facilitates loading and unloading of goods.

3. Forklift Gasoline

This forklift uses gas fuel and is environmentally friendly. The cost of rent is still affordable so this forklift is one of the right choices to move goods. This forklift is a type of forklift that is well known in various industries and can be used indoors and outdoors.

In addition, the forklift has long operating hours even though there is not much fuel consumption. Despite its low carbon emissions, the forklift can only carry a maximum load of 2 tons and lift up to a height of 2 meters due to its small size.

4. Forklift Reach Truck

This forklift can move goods at a large capacity and can arrange them to high shelves. Logistics and warehouse companies usually use this forklift because it is very efficient in handling various goods. That said, forklift reach truck is almost the same as electric forklift. It’s just that, forklift reach trucks are equipped with pallets so it’s easy to move things.

The forklift capacity can be up to 2 tons and can lift goods up to a height of 11 meters. Therefore, this forklift is very efficient in moving goods to higher shelves.

Those are the different types of forklifts that are commonly used by many industrial sectors to move goods efficiently. Keep in mind that each forklift has its own advantages and capacitities. So, adjust the needs of the company with forklifts that will be used later.

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