August 4, 2021

Some Causes of Truck Accidents in Indonesia Based on Human Error

In recent months, news of truck accidents has been heard. Truck accidents that occur are single and involve other vehicles as well, so there are several truck accidents that take the lives of several people. This incident certainly makes the public worried because a truck accident can not be considered trivial. There are many causes of this truck accident.

One of the few factors that causes truck accidents is human error. This factor became the first cause of truck accidents in Indonesia. The form of human error that is the cause of the truck accident there are also several.

Here, there are 3 causes of truck accidents due to human error from drivers in Indonesia.

1. Driver Behavior

In some cases, the cause of truck accidents is due to aggressive driving behavior. One of them is driving at full speed, then braking continuously. This can increase the risk of accidents because continuous braking will cause the tyres to run out of wind and cause the brakes to run out.

The target load time must arrive on time, resulting in the driver driving the truck faster than the maximum speed limit. In addition, drivers who like to overtake other vehicles on the road will also increase the risk of accidents in other drivers. 

2. Poor Driving Time Management

Fatigue has ranked first as the cause of the accident. Typically, companies will ask truck drivers to carry cargo to a specific area in just a short period of time. In fact, the distance traveled by truck drivers is usually quite far and it results in little rest time for the driver.

In addition, fatigue such as drowsiness while driving is also caused by unending traffic jams and longer working time during the trip. Ideally, the driver should rest after driving every four hours. Therefore, companies and truckers must follow the rules on how many hours a truck driver can drive in one shift, the duration of sleep required for the quality of sleep to be maintained, and the duration of rest while tired of driving.

3. Driver Skills

The kinds of skills that truck drivers must have is how to drive a truck to be more efficient. Examples include keeping driving speed so that fuel is not wasteful and utilizing the engine brake using low gears when derivatives are sharp.

Truck drivers must certainly follow the training with a sufficient period of time in order to better skill and knowledge in driving the truck. After that, the driver can get a driver’s license, although the driver’s license is not a guarantee also that the truck driver is reliable.

Those are some of the human errors of the driver who is often the cause of truck accidents in Indonesia. It’s a good idea for every truck driver to take part in truck driving training because it’s not easy to drive a vehicle that has a big load.

In addition, the use of GPS trackers such as InovaTrack can prevent the risk of truck accidents on the road. This is because InovaTrack can track the location of running trucks in real-time. GPS tracker that is already installed in the vehicle with some additional features can record the track of truck activity. So, immediately install InovaTrack in your company’s trucks and fleet so that truck accidents can be prevented by monitoring truck and driver activity. InovaTrack provides free installation with experienced technicians!