August 4, 2021

How to clean a good car engine

Although the car engine is closed, the engine room of the car can also be dirty due to dust and dirt attached. This is due to the accumulation of dirt during the use of the car and if left too long without cleaning it can result in a crust.

Therefore, here are some great ways to clean the car engine

1. The car engine should be in a cold state

The first thing to note when you want to clean the car engine is to make sure the vehicle’s engine is cold. This can be done in the morning when the car has not been turned on at all or if it has been driven, then wait 30-45 minutes for the car engine to be completely in cold condition.

Cold conditions on the car engine to prevent unwanted things during the cleaning process such as electrocution and avoid the remaining remnants of electric current.

2. Light dust and dirt must be cleaned first

After that, start cleaning by getting rid of the light dust and dirt that sticks to the surface of the machine. Cleaners can use brushes to reach between machines and do not have to bother using water.

3. Clean the bottom of the hood

Cleaning the bottom of the hood can be done for the first time because this part is most accessible because of its location above. If this part is done last, it is possible that the dirt lodged under the hood of the vehicle will easily fall onto the cleaned surface. This is to prevent repeated cleaning.

Under the hood of the car can be easily cleaned using cleaning fluid with a brush or brush. After that, the hood can be cleaned from the rest of the cleaning fluid with water evenly and can be dried with a microfiber cloth and the like. 

4. Pay attention to the parts that have an electric current

When cleaning the car engine, do not forget to always remember that the car engine is quite sensitive to water. Moreover, cleaning with water will give a less good effect on the engine parts of the car that have an electric current such as a battery.

If you want to clean the car engine safely, then the car battery can be removed or wrapped with something waterproof. This is to prevent the engine from shorting and avoid electrocution of yourself.

5. The use of steamer will facilitate cleaning

When cleaning something, surely the largest and most accessible part is the part that will be cleaned first. However, what about the hard part to reach? Car owners can use a steam streamer that can lift dirt quickly and easily.

Those are some ways to clean the car engine at home if you don’t want to go to the car wash. If you don’t want to bother to schedule every cleaning and maintenance, then InovaTrack can help. Its features in managing maintenance schedules and reminding you to do regular maintenance and cleaning after the period of use of the car.

InovaTrack will certainly make the job of caring for the car easier. Let’s install InovaTrack in your car immediately to make cleaning your car easy!