August 4, 2021

Causes of Brake Break-up on Vehicles

The lack of maintenance of the vehicle will inevitably cause a variety of problems. One of them is the Brake failure that lately often occur. Brakes are always the highest accident factor that occurs in large vehicles such as trucks and buses. However, this can also happen to private vehicles as well.

The term Brake failure is used when the braking system in the vehicle does not work properly to reduce the speed level of the vehicle. In fact, the braking system is one of the important things for driving safety.

The causes of the occurrence of Brake failure are various and this can be prevented. Here are some common causes of brakes and drivers should pay attention to this.

1. Brake Oil Runs Out

Brakes on the vehicle occur due to several things, one of which is the brake oil that runs out. This will make the vehicle does not work to the maximum because the process of driving the car is assisted by brake oil.

Brake oil is important in driving a vehicle because it puts pressure on the piston or caliper to press the canvas. Prevent the depletion of brake oil by checking the brake oil once a week as a routine and can refill.

2. Canvas Brake Wear

The vehicle will become less maximal or pakem when braking due to the worn brake canvas. This can cause the driver who cannot control the speed of the vehicle so that it can make the brakes blong if the level of wear of the brake canvas is severe.

If you feel that the brake pads are worn and there is already a routine schedule for vehicle maintenance, then immediately go to the repair shop to replace it with a new one.

3. Piston Seal Master Brake Damaged

Damage to the brake master piston seal can be due to the age of use and the quality of brake oil is not very good. The quality of brake oil is very influential.

Therefore, use brake oil that suits the type and brand of the vehicle so that nothing untoward happens.

4. Clogged Brake Oil Hose

Usually, blockages in brake oil hoses are due to the amount of dirt that accumulates in the vehicle’s brake oil. Dirt on the brake oil itself can appear when it starts to fill the brake oil and can also enter from the reserve tank.

In addition, the quality of brake oil on the vehicle will also affect the oil to be dirty. Therefore, the good quality of brake oil also has an effect.

5. Vapour Lock

Vapour lock is a evaporation of brake oil caused by the heat of the temperature. This means the brake oil will boil and cause air or steam bubbles on the vehicle’s brake system. The air bubbles from this brake oil will eventually begin to settle and the braking performance of the car becomes not maximized.

Those are some of the causes of the failure of the vehicle braking system that often occurs. To prevent the brakes from happening, do regular maintenance and check the vehicle at the workshop. Do not wait for the braking system to break down because it will endanger safety while driving.

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