May 3, 2021

Do You Want Your Logistics Business to Run Smoothly? It’s Time to Use a GPS Tracker!

The increasing of industrial sectors in Indonesia has made logistics companies have to work hard in delivering goods to customers. Not surprisingly, many logistics companies have started to improve the quality of their respective shipments. Therefore, the logistics company must provide the best service to make it more effective in shipping goods. One of the ways is used a GPS Tracker which is an important tool in the logistics business. Here are some functions that will be useful for the logistics business.

1. On-Time Delivery

GPS Tracker as an object tracking device can track the position of the vehicle in real-time. From the tracking, GPS Tracker users can monitor the trucks that are set to carry assets to a place and can analyze reports on each asset on the way. This can make deliveries more on time and the user can check whether the driver is driving according to the specified route. So, it is certain that the GPS Tracker will make the logistics business more efficient and productive because it also calculates and displays the estimated time of arrival.

2. Anticipating the Risk Of Theft

The feature that has been developed in the GPS Tracker is the fuel consumption monitoring feature. The fuel level sensor can detect the fuel level in the vehicle’s fuel tank. GPS Tracker users will get information if there is a reduction in fuel in a fairly short time and distance. If the reduction occurs, it can be considered a theft. In addition, the trip analyzer feature can detect loading and unloading activities using a drum rotation sensor. So, if any suspicious activity occurs, GPS Tracker users can track it down and find out immediately.

3. Keeping the Load Safe

Not only to anticipate the risk of theft, but GPS Tracker also has a function to keep cargo safe while on the trip. This feature can record all kinds of aspects that are currently running, such as distance, travel time, and average speed of each trip. In addition, the work order management feature will also provide information about the progress regarding the vehicle which is on the trip. GPS Tracker users can also find out the driver’s behavior and will receive a notification if the driver commits several violations. Apart from maintaining load safety, this feature is also for driver safety.

4. Reducing Operational Cost

The main function most needed is to reduce the operating costs of a traveling vehicle. Some of its features can monitor vehicle usage time and there will be reports that are analyzed for scheduling of maintenance based on mileage, engine hours or time. GPS Tracker users can also track if the vehicle engine is used at rest. In addition, if there is a problem with the vehicle, the user will receive a report from the driver to be addressed immediately.

The things above are the functions of using a GPS Tracker that must be used by logistics companies. In order to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and profit in the logistics business, the GPS Tracker that is installed must be high quality like InovaTrack.

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