May 3, 2021

The Advantages of Using a GPS Tracker for Construction Companies

A large number of developments require heavy equipment and adequate construction equipment. The abundance of heavy equipment and equipment in the construction area makes construction companies worried if there is no clear monitoring. Therefore, GPS Tracker is created to make work easier. In addition to logistics, GPS Tracker can also be used in the construction sector which turns out to provide many benefits. Here are some of the advantages of using a GPS Tracker for construction companies to be more productive.

1. Oversee the entry and exit of heavy equipment at the construction area

The GPS Tracker feature for tracking the location of heavy equipment in an area, especially at a construction site, is a geofence. This feature will send a notification to the user every time a machine or equipment is in and out of the geofence area. In addition, users will also know all the accurate information from heavy equipment and equipment activities such as maximum speed used, mileage, idle duration, walking, and stopping.

2. Know the working hours accurately

The number of construction needs makes many people use heavy equipment. The use of GPS Tracker is needed by construction companies to prevent unwanted things. One of them is to prevent fraud from the renter regarding heavy equipment working hours. One of examples of such cases is the use of heavy equipment outside of agreed hours or a reduction in working hours that is not appropriate. By using a GPS Tracker, the owner of the construction company will know accurately the working hours of the heavy equipment used.

3. Protect assets from theft

GPS Tracker has the main function of tracking the location of assets in real-time. In addition to tracking the location of assets, users can find out the route taken by the driver and even how the driver behavior when carrying and operating the asset. Later, if there is a violation, the GPS Tracker will immediately notify the user. This will minimize the risk of theft and violations.

4. Prevent damage to heavy equipment and equipment

The use of heavy equipment and equipment that is too frequent and does not carry out routine maintenance will result in machine damage. The features in the GPS Tracker will report the duration of use, rest, speed, and idle. After that, the user will get a report from the GPS Tracker server via the application or the web regarding the maintenance schedule for heavy equipment and equipment according to usage data. GPS Tracker serves to prevent unwanted heavy equipment damage.

The existence of GPS Tracker technology will provide positive things for construction companies to be more productive and prevent violations In the construction area. Do you want your construction companies to get some benefits from GPS Tracker? Let’s install InovaTrack on your heavy equipment!